SUO Challenges #50 – Buttons and Brads

     I know I'm giving away my age somewhat when I tell you that one of my fondest memories of my childhood is sitting and singing Dinah Shore's song, Buttons and Bows, with my mother.  Yes that was the the 1940s.  But even today I hum that song to myself sometimes when I'm making a greeting card or scrapbook page with Buttons and Bows!

     Today's challenge on Stampin' Up! Only Challenges also reminded me of that song – but we've got a bit of a different twist on it – Buttons and Brads. And Stampin' Up! has lots of those!  So your challenge is to make a card – with Stampin' Up! products Only, of course – that has either buttons or brads – or maybe even both! 

     We have 11 days for our challenge and, as always, please be sure that your projects are Stampin' Up! Only!  When you've finished with your project, just click on the link tool at the end of the post and follow the instructions!  And now here are our Design Team Member Buttons and Brads projects!  To learn about each of them, just click on the name of the designer, which is a link to her personal blog.

     And a special "Welcome Back" to all of our Design Team Members who just returned from the annual Stampin' Up! convention.  You'll find lots on their blogs about their wonderful experiences there. 


Cindy Elam's Card

Cindy Elam


Pam and Cindy

Pam Staples (top) and Cindy Coutts (bottom)


Jennifer Timko


Heidi Baks

Heidi Baks


Mary Brown

Mary Brown


Karen's Card

Karen Barber


Deb's Card

Deb Hoekstra


Robin's Card

Robin Messenheimer

     To participate in our challenge, make a card or other project and post a photo of it to your blog or a gallery on the internet.  Then come back here and use our link tool at the bottom of this post to share the photo with us!  We're looking for cards posted to the internet after July 24, 2012, and (of course!) made with Stampin' Up! products only.    The products may be those that are in current catalogs, or they may be retired products.  But (as our blog title says) SUO – Stampin' Up! Only!  This means that Products from other papercrafting, rubber stamp, die-making or other companies may not be included in your project if Stampin' Up! sells a like product.  For example, Stampin' Up! does not sell sewing thread.  So use of sewing thread from another company is just fine.  Stampin' Up! does sell the Sizzix Big Shot, so use of die-cuts, texture plates or other such products from another company is not fine.  If you have a question, please send an e-mail to our Coordinator, Robin Messenheimer, and she'll be glad to answer it!


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Jul 26, 2012 - 11:07:31
Cindy Coutts said:

You ladies made such beautiful cards!

Aug 2, 2012 - 01:08:34

I just found your blog today, and I could not resist heading to the craft table to make something for your challenge.  I really enjoyed using brads on my card, which I had not used in a very long time. 
It was your story about the song Buttons and Bows that really got me going.  We also had a record of Buttons and Bows.  My older brother got it for Christmas in 1948.  My parents were living in quanset huts that were housing so many families of soldiers after WWII.  They were made of corrigated metal.  My brother got a phonograph with one record for christmas.  3 days after Christmas a man came knocking on the door asking if we got a new phonograph for a gift?  Yes, mother said.  He said, Did you attach the grounding wire to a pipe in your house?  Yes, mother said.He asked, Did you get the record Buttons and Bows?  He said, I am from the broadcast commisioners office.  We have been getting complaints from all of your neighbors because they get one song that keeps playing on the radio over and over again and they can't tune anything else in.  By attaching your ground wire to the pipe you have turned your whole metal house into a broadcast antenna.  He changed the wire for her, and we continued listening to Buttons and Bows.  My sisters and I still sing that song to each other. 

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